What is An Intervention about?

Coming in 2020...

An Intervention is a mock-doc comedy about Chelsea Bledsoe, a grade school teacher who lives in Bolingbrook, IL with her doting husband, Graig.  When she sees that her ex-boyfriend from high school, Henry Volkman, has gotten into some trouble on the news, she decides to reunite some of her old classmates together to intervene.  The conflict ensues, feelings are hurt, lives are changed, and Henry's health lies in the balance.

This is production company EEK! on Film's third feature, after 2015's I HATE THEATRE! and 2018's found-footage comic-con horror, Villain, as well as director Dan Eden's third film.  It was shot on location in Bolingbrook, IL, and aside from thought-out story beats in the shooting schedule, and in-depth character bios, the cast was free to improvise all of their dialogue.  Their only limitations were the space and story beats that they were to address throughout the day, making for a loose, fun atmosphere. 

For fans of Christopher Guest's films, as well as such mock-doc comedies as Drop Dead Gorgeous or TV staples like The Office and Parks & Recreation, An Intervention is sure to please fans of the genre.