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Kaitlin Eden

Stars as Chelsea Bledsoe

Kaitlin Eden (born Fleharty) received a BA in Theatre from Elmhurst College (now Elmhurst University) in 2010. After working at various theaters and running a burlesque company in Chicago for a few years, she moved to the suburbs to settle down and start a family. Kaitlin now works as a school secretary and lives in the north Chicago suburbs with her husband (Jeremy M. Eden) and their two young sons.

Ryan O'Hara

Stars as "Fire Tank" Frank Schulz

Ryan O’Hara has worked with Dan Eden for most of his projects and excels in playing heel roles. Although he may lack experience, his presence on camera is always a memorable ones. Prior projects includes a cameo in Three Guys One Room as “Big O” and “Snake” in The Signing.

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Patrick Lewandowski

Sound Design/Recordist

This is Patrick Lewandowski, and though he isn't holding a boom in this picture, nor wearing giant can headphones, believe us: He is one of the best sound guys in the biz! He was the sound designer and recordist on set, and without him, the movie would sound like mud!


Katie Binkley

Stars as Kat Pennington

Katie Binkley started her theatre career at 7 as a french reporter in a church play. She graduated college in 2010 with a BS in Graphic Design and decided to moved to Chicago! After a few stage managing gigs she fell in with peeps from the EEK! crew. It was here she met her now boyfriend (director Dan Eden) and the rest is history.
You can see more of her acting stylings in Villain on Youtube or
You can follow her costumed shenanigans on Instagram @thatktbcosplaygirl

Michael Klappauf

Stars as Liam Crabb

Michael Klappauf graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a BA in Theater Arts in 2008. He has known Dan and Jeremy Eden as well as Kevin Kirchman since middle school, and has collaborated with them on several projects, including I Hate Theater and the 90 Under 90 podcast.


Kevin Kirchman

Director of Photography/Documentarian #2

Kevin acted as the Director of Photography and Colorist for “An Intervention”. He cut his teeth early in the DSLR revolution, scouring web forums in search for the “cinematic” look, but ultimately finding his own voice through his own style of cinematography with EEK! on Film.

Often shooting guerilla-style and fast paced, he uses practical lighting and in-camera techniques to make the visuals look as natural as possible. Some of his favorite shots of his can be found in his previous films and content, such “Moment” and “WhoKilledHeather”.


Phil Platakis

Stars as Henry Volkman

Phil first met the EEK! gang in 2012 while working on Once Upon a RomCom: the Bill Pullman Story at Gorilla Tango Theatre in Chicago.  They have since collaborated on several projects including the films Villain and Moment, and multiple sketch comedy shows.  Phil also enjoys acting and singing in musicals and operas at Northeastern Illinois University.  Most days, you can find him teaching high school music on the Northwest Side of Chicago.

Kara Brinkman

Stars as Marcia Hope

Chicago area native Kara Brinkman began acting in 2010. Trained in the Uta Hagan Method Technique and Second City Style Improv, Kara performed regularly in local independent theatre and short films from 2010-2016, most notably in On the Spot Theatre Company’s Lost and Found, and as an ensemble member of several EEK!’s sketch comedy shows. Having taken a break from acting to finish her master's degree, pursue a writing career, get married, and start a family, she is excited to return to the profession she loves. In her spare time, she enjoys being a mother and sharing her creative passions with her daughter.


Dan Eden

Writer/Director/Editor/Co-Producer/Documentarian #1

Dan Eden earned his Bachelor's at Columbia College in 2010, and has been working mostly on comedy projects ever since with production company EEK! on Film. From 2010-2012, EEK! produced a web series called Three Guys, One Room, which lasted 3 seasons. Dan has also directed such feature films as I HATE THEATRE! (2015) and Villain (2018).


Jeremy M. Eden

Stars as Graig Bledsoe

Jeremy M Eden is an actor, writer and comedian and the co-host of the “90 Under 90” podcast. In 2009, he began producing sketch comedy in Chicago, eventually transitioning into film. His previous work includes directing and playing the title role in “Zombie Seinfeld”, playing Jeff Goldblum in “Once Upon a Rom Com: The Bill Pullman Story”, and producing the variety show “Marijuanarama!” He lives in the Chicago suburbs with his wife and two sons.


Bryan Schmiderer

Stars as K. Paul Pennington

B.A. in Theatre from William Woods University , Second City Conservatory graduate.  2nd EEK film. Currently residing in Hollywood.  Try the Nut Log.